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Barry on Motorcycle

Willmar Stingers fans should not be surprised if a seven-foot bear named Barry asks for a high-five as they enter Bill Taunton Stadium each and every summer. Fans should also be warned that this bear can really bust a move and has a history of making an entrance via his infamous motorcycle with training wheels.

Project Turnabout’s Barry is ready to contend with some of the best Northwoods League mascots, joining fellow characters around the league such as Mutnik, Ringo, Maynard, Jeremiah, Slider and Woody.

After two short years of hibernation, Barry awoke early in the spring of 2012 due to the unseasonable warm temperatures and decided it was time to grow up and become a working member of society! He jumped right into interview mode and after fifty-five rounds of interviews; the Stingers offered the friendly bear an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Barry had a strong interest in making Willmar his permanent residence, especially after doing some extensive research about the area. A native of Yellowstone Park, Barry set out looking for a place to settle down and raise a family. An avid baseball fan and a self-described honey connoisseur, Barry knew he wanted to work at the Bee Hive upon arrival to Willmar. He had an impressive resume, complete with references from Ranger Rick and T.C. the Bear. Co-owners Ryan Voz and Marc Jerzak were impressed with his enthusiasm, knowledge of the team, and the constant smile on his face.

“He is thrilled to call “The Beehive” his home! Barry will be our right-hand man, er…bear, for all home games and will be called on to make special appearances throughout the year,” said Marc Jerzak, co-owner of the Stingers.

Barry has already warned the front office that he plans on living up to the reputation of mischievity bears are known for and apologized in advance for the pranks and stunts he is planning. He has admitted to doing almost anything for some extra honey, so coaches and players should be on high alert all season long as Barry will never be far from the action.

This lovable bear is sure to entertain fans of all ages this season and for many years to come. Please help us in welcoming this newest team member to the Stinger Nation family this year.


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