Published On: June 17th, 2008

To Waterloo shortly, but first I wanted to introduce everybody to Ricky Bassman who is working with the Northwoods League this summer as a photographer. He’s been touring the South Division and will be regularly throughout the season. The prior post regarding the Woodchucks winning streak was by Ricky and he’ll been giving us the occasional update with some photos from the games he works. So we get to look forward to additional content on the blog provided by Ricky.

On the Woodchucks topic, they have officially won 10 straight games heading into tonight, which ties their franchise record which was set in July of 2001. They won a suspended game during this current streak, on June 10th at Eau Claire, but that game reverts back to May 29th when it started. A hitting-streak would work the same way.

The MLB rule book states, “…all performances in the completion of a suspended game shall be considered as occuring on the original date of the game.”

I’ve confirmed the accuracy of this with our League statistician, PA-SportsTicker, so hopefully we’ll avoid any confusion if the Woodchucks happen to approach the NWL Record 16-game winning streak set by the Madison Mallards last season.

And now to Waterloo. Team officials met with city officials today. According to Bucks General Manager Dan Corbin, the field is in better shape than he thought it would be but many of the surrounding structures and offices are a mess. Inches of mud are caked everywhere essentially. A cleanup effort is taking place tomorrow, Wednesday, beginning at 11 AM. Any and all volunteers would be welcomed.

Regarding Bucks games, they are at Mankato for the next two days as scheduled. In fact I am heading to Mankato when I’m done typing. (More on the reason why later this week.) Thursday and Friday they host Thunder Bay and the way it’s looking now is that Waterloo will host those games on area high school baseball fields. This is not official, but it’s the likely scenario. The secondary option would be to play these games at Rochester’s Mayo Field scheduled around the times of the Honkers home series against the St. Cloud River Bats. I will have the official word on this tomorrow. Waterloo’s series against La Crosse scheduled for this weekend in Waterloo has been moved to La Crosse. Those games will start at 7 PM Saturday and 6 PM Sunday. No decision on the game for Monday, Rochester at Waterloo, has been made as of yet.

Curt Carstensen
Director of Operations
Northwoods League

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