Published On: December 6th, 2010

The Northwoods League recently teamed up with a group of students at Minnesota State University (MSU) to help with the launch of the Northwoods League Foundation.  The students contacted the Northwoods League in a search to complete an assignment given to them in one of their courses. The students, who are sports management majors at MSU, were given a service learning assignment in a Sport Ethic and Professional Development class.

The students were assigned to identify a need in the community, set goals to meet the need identified, explain the process that would be used to achieve the goals identified, describe the outcomes of the service learning project, and provide a reflection of their service learning experience.  These students contacted the Northwoods League, which has recently created the Northwoods League Foundation. The goals of the Foundation matched the requirements for the assignment set by their professor, Mr. Bryan Romsa.

The Northwoods League and the Northwoods League Foundation gave these MSU students an opportunity to help with creating a database of their former players, which will allow the Foundation to more easily contact these players. The database is compiled of over 4,000 former Northwoods League players, with their names, e-mails, addresses and phone numbers provided in their original Northwoods League contracts. The Foundation will contact the players with ways for them to get involved with upcoming charity events. The mission of the Northwoods League Foundation is to enrich the quality of life in Northwoods League member communities.

This project gave these MSU students an opportunity to complete their assignment for their course, as well as providing them with firsthand experience that they will experience in their future sports management careers. Also, this project will be very beneficial to the Northwoods League and the Northwoods League Foundation.

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