Published On: February 22nd, 2011

The Battle Creek Bombers unveiled new team logos and branding elements today, all of which bring together a fresh and edgier version of the teams logos of the past.
The simple, yet creative, design of the Bombers’ new logo is the result of a 6 month creative and marketing collaboration between the Bombers and Worthen Design, an established brand development company out of Utah.  The logos are made up of a stylized mosquito in aviation gear throwing a baseball and an updated BC (Battle Creek) mark. The logos are based off the teams’ past logos with an overall modern and edgier feel.

“These new logos really represent a new excitement and brand name we are creating this year with the Bombers.” said General Manager Brian Colopy.  “Battle Creek has been such a great baseball town and we wanted to pay tribute to that history along with creating something exciting and new.  We are grateful to Worthern Design for providing us with creative ideas and expertise during this entire process.”

The Bombers overall color scheme will go unchanged and remain black, red and dark grey.  As part of the launch, the Bombers also introduced three additional secondary logos that will be incorporated throughout the teams merchandise, uniforms and brand name.

"When designing the future brand for the Battle Creek Bombers, we wanted to make sure we took into consideration the interaction of those who would be wearing, viewing and interacting with the logo. Children personalities to adult personalities were kept in mind as we went through the process, and in the end we created a brand that both generations could appreciate.” said John Worthern of Worthen Design.

But what actually is a Bomber? A Bomber is in reference to a dive bomber.  A Bomber is an aircraft that dives directly at its target in order to provide greater accuracy before it attacks.  Why is a mosquito our team mascot?  Flying insects, namely mosquitoes, are referred to as “dive bombers” for their persistent downward attacks. Mosquitoes have long been associated with humid southwest Michigan summers. 

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