Explaining his fastball face

Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff

Grant Yost grimaces as he throws a fastball against the Wisconsin Rapids Rafters.

Every Sunday, Boston Globe photographer Stan Grossfeld asks the subject of one of his photos to explain what’s happening in the shot.

Who’s up today: Grant Yost of the Northwoods League’s La Crosse Loggers, shown delivering a pitch against the Wisconsin Rapids Rafters.

Said Yost: “I’m not gonna like it…I don’t like it at all, I was pitching like (expletive). Oh yeah, I don’t like it at all.

“(My) fastball, it’s been slower than normal. I was struggling, so I put more effort in (trying to) work through it. You’re not supposed to yank your head, its bad mechanics and that’s what I’m doing there. I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t like it. See? They’re (teammates) making fun of me already.

“Is that an embarrassing picture? I don’t like it. I hate it. I don’t like it, yeah (it’s scary), yeah. I would appreciate it if that didn’t go anywhere. There are other cool pictures, I’m sure. I’m the losing pitcher.

“(Been) pitching since I was eight and I’ve always had a problem with my head like that. You’re not supposed to have your head like that. I’m trying to fix it. When you’re throwing your supposed to keep your head straight and I’m yanking my head and I don’t know why? Ever since I’ve been a kid, I’ve been doing that. I’m gonna try to fix it….all right.”

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