Kennel Klub seating at Wade Stadium is located in the right field area of the ballpark. With the purchase of your Kennel Klub ticket, you will receive a tabbed wristband that includes your GA ticket 3 beverages and 2 plates of food, plus tax. Additional food and drink will be available at a special pricing through the end of the game.

Food options include a variety of ballpark fare—hot dogs, brats, 4 cheese polish, pulled pork, chicken, hamburgers, potato salad, coleslaw, pop, water, beer, and wine. Seating is all general admission and available on a first come, first serve basis.

The Kennel Klub can also be reserved for large groups and parties. The Klub will be closed to other admissions on dates that the group meets the capacity of the space.

Kennel Klub Schedule:


June 2nd OPEN
June 3rd CLOSED
June 7th OPEN
June 8th OPEN
June 9th OPEN
June 10th OPEN
June 11th OPEN
June 12th (1) OPEN
June 12th (2) OPEN
June 13th OPEN
June 17th OPEN
June 18th OPEN
June 19th OPEN
June 25th OPEN
June 26th OPEN
June 27th OPEN
June 28th OPEN
July 1st OPEN
July 2nd OPEN
July 3rd OPEN
July 4th OPEN
July 5th OPEN
July 6th OPEN
July 7th OPEN
July 13th CLOSED
July 14th CLOSED
July 18th CLOSED
July 19th OPEN
July 25th OPEN
July 26th OPEN
July 30th OPEN
July 31st OPEN
August 1st CLOSED
August 2nd OPEN
August 8th OPEN
August 9th OPEN