Get ready to DIG IN to a summer of FUN in and out of Corbett Field!

Summer collegiate baseball is known for quirky theme nights, crazy on-field games and so much more. However, that’s not all you’ll get with the Minot Hot Tots. While our on-field entertainment is unmatched, we also expand our epic promotions and giveaways outside of the ballpark.

All year long, our fans will be invited to enjoy FREE local events, FREE promotional items, and have a chance to WIN giveaways of a lifetime.

Take a look at some of our favorite promotions below:


Imagine watching your favorite movie at the ballpark. Now imagine FREE movie-style popcorn, FREE ballpark favorites including hamburgers & hot dogs, inflatables, AND your favorite movie all happening in the same place – Corbett Field.


Want a FREE, limited-edition Hot Tots Hat? We partnered with a local sporting goods store to give fans just that. All they had to do was spend $25 at the local sporting goods store and they got the limited-edition hat for FREE!


Talk about giveaways of a lifetime, fans shared one item on their bucket list and we made it come true for one lucky fan! Whether it’s learning how to fly a plane or attending the Rose Bowl Parade, we want to make your bucket list item come true.