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Published On: April 7th, 2017

The first ever Northwoods League All-Star Game was hosted here in Wausau, at Athletic Park on July 22, 1995. We're excited to again be hosting the All-Star Game this year, in 2017! First, let’s take a minute and look back at 1995:



League Facts:

Woodchucks Owner Mark Macdonald was 14 years into his career and had just become a senior portfolio manager with the American funds.

Mark Macdonald

  • 1995 was the second year of the Northwoods League’s existence
  • There were 6 teams making up the league at the time; the Wausau Woodchucks, Kenosha Kroakers, Dubuque Mud Puppies, Rochester Honkers, Manitowoc Skunks and Waterloo Bucks. 
  • The Woodchucks played for the ‘East’ team in the All-Star Game
  • Scott Hertler, the Woodchucks field manager served as the manager for the East team
  • The East team would go on to win the game 14-2 over the West, after losing the Home Run Derby 8-3
  • Luis Rivera of the Waterloo Bucks won, and still holds, the league single season bating record with a .437 average.
  • 979 People attended the All-Star Game

    Kayla Zenner



Woodchucks Facts

  • Group Sales Executive Bailey Schepp was one year old and just learning how to walk.  

    Bailey Schepp

  • Director of Food & Beverage Megan Birchmeier resided in Rochester, MN and was two years old.
  • Marketing & Corporate Service Coordinator Kayla Zenner was 3 years old and loved wearing dresses, singing and playing with her dolls. 
  • Director of Ticket Sales & Operations Traci Wisz had just finished first grade at Rice Elementary.
  • Woodchucks President/GM Ryan Treu was twelve years old. 
  • Woodchucks Owner Mark Macdonald was 14 years into his career and had just become a senior portfolio manager with

    Megan Birchmeier

    the American funds.
  • An average of 712 people attended a Woodchucks game
  • The Woodchucks had a 25-32 record earning them a 5th place finish



World Facts

  • The Atlanta Braves were in the midst of a hot streak that and won the World Series. 
  • TLC's Waterfalls was #1 on the charts. 
  • Apollo 13 was the highest grossing movie.
  • Nicholas Cage won an Academy Award for best Actor for the Movie Leaving Las Vegas.  

    Traci Wisz

  • A gallon of gas cost $1.13.
  • The Dow Jones was at 4,693.  Today it is at 20,902.
  • Time Magazine Man of the Year was Newt Gingrich.
  • The bestselling book was "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus." 
  • The Milwaukee Brewers were in the American League.  Their best players were BJ Surhoff, Kevin Seitzer, Ricky Bones and Steve Sparks.  Sal Bando was the GM and Phil Garner was the Coach.
  • Dallas Cowboy Running Back Ezekiel Elliot was born.