I hire elves…and my elves have a great gift idea for you!


You just can’t imagine what these elves tell me.

Why in the world do I hire elves for a baseball team?

Well, you may be struggling to come up with the right gift for a baseball fan that you know. My elves can help! For instance, when the elves and I sat down to talk about this holiday season, the elves had some strong opinions.

“Give them lots of free food,” said the elf that did cartwheels when trying to make a point.
“Less games,” one elf, the plump one, said. “That’s what families want.”

“Yes, make it easy for families…keep things flexible” said another elf, the one that’s always smiling.

So, the elves and I created a ticket package for busy families…and we think it’ll work for you! Here’s what you’ll get:

  1. Just Seven Games. Attend seven of the best, premium, home games this season.
  2. We’ll buy your dinner. At each of the seven games, you’ll receive (2) signature Wick’s Meat Shoppe entrées, chips, & soda!
  3. Home Opener & Fireworks! You’ll start out your summer with a bang…literally…each 7-game plan begins with a ticket to the 2019 Home Opener.
  4. Fully exchangeable, freakishly flexible tickets. We know you’ve got a life, so in the event that you can’t make a game, simply exchange your ticket for a game that works.

The cost per seven-game package is just $75…that’s just $10.71 per game!
We have a limited amount of these Elf-created 7- Game plans available so the elves and I recommend checking this off your holiday shopping list right away! If you like our little elf effort, give us a call. You’ll have a terrific gift for your family or just you and your baseball loving buddy.
To reserve one of our 7-game plans, click here or call 320-222-2010. You’ll make my elves happy. You’ll make yourself happy next summer when you’re having fun at our games.
Sting ‘em,




Nick McCallum aka Ol’ St. Nick
General Manager
Willmar Stingers


Order a 7-Game Plan for that baseball loving buddy on your list…or just a plan for yourself!