Alonso credits Mallards with helping contribute to MLB success

TAMPA, FL (WKOW) — Pete Alonso accepted his National League Rookie of the Year Award in his hometown surrounded by his family, friends and former coaches, including Madison Mallards manager Donnie Scott.

“I can remember when he was there and I’d say, ‘You know, this guy’s going to play in the big leagues, man. He’s got the right idea.’ It’s not just about playing the game itself. His enthusiasm for the game was just untouchable,” Scott said of his former player.

Alonso played for the Mallards in the summer of 2014. At the time, the New York Mets first baseman says he was searching for his baseball identity when Scott helped teach him how to enjoy the game while playing it at the highest levels.

“He helped me justify and rediscover the fun and love for baseball. Without this step from Donnie, I don’t know if I would have advanced from the college level.”

Lance Veeser

Lance Veeser

Sports Director, 27 News