Published On: January 22nd, 2018

It’s time to check in with some Dock Spiders players from last summer to see how their experience was and what to expect during their upcoming college season!

Andrew Bullock – Western Carolina

What was your favorite Dock Spiders moment from the Summer of 2017?

 Favorite part of the Dock Spiders was finishing the season on a 6-game winning streak. 


What was your favorite part about being in Fond du Lac?

 The best part of Fond du Lac was definitely all the new people I got to meet. The team was awesome, and we all got together so great. There would be days were were showing up 2 hours before batting practice just to hangout and sit in the dugout together. Also, playing in front of the Fondy faithfuls every night was a great experience. The energy and support they showed all year really pushed us to win at Herr-Baker every night out. Lastly, having the best host parent out there! Grandma Betty was the best host parent I could have asked for during the summer. She was awesome!


What did you do when you had an off day during the season?

 During the few off days we got in the summer, I spent some of them fishing, at the casino down in Green bay with some guys on the team, or just relaxing. 


How did the Northwoods League experience help you grow as a player?

 I think the Northwoods helped me grow as a player by learning how to move on quickly. You’re playing a game every day so you learned very quickly that no matter how good or bad you did the day before, you have to show up again the next day and keep the same focus. 


How was your Fall Ball season, and what was are your expectations for your college season this Spring?

 My fall ball season went pretty well if I had to say. My expectations for my college season is nothing less than win another championship at Western Carolina. That’s the goal every year.


What advice would you provide future players who are coming to play for the Dock Spiders and in the Northwoods League?

 If you have the chance to play for the Dock Spiders, I would say come. We may not have had the biggest stadium or the most fans in the Northwoods, but the atmosphere was one of the best in the league for sure.  Also, I believe we had the easiest travel with Fond Du Lac being pretty much right in the middle of all the teams in the league. For the Northwoods part, I would say if you truly love the game of baseball, this is a league for you. You get to show up and play baseball every single day, and it will really teach you how much you love the game. 

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