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Published On: January 19th, 2019

It’s time to check in with some Dock Spiders players from last summer to see how their experience was and what to expect during their upcoming college season!

Alex Erro 

Northwestern University

What was your favorite Dock Spiders moment from the regular season of 2018?


My favorite Dock Spiders moment was the final night of the summer, a tremendously bittersweet night.  From winning the championship game to a 7 hour bus ride back in the middle of the night.


What was your favorite moment during the Northwoods League championship run in August?


My favorite moment(s) during that run in August was seeing the emotion that surfaced every time the momentum shifted in our favor.  Seeing how fired up the guys would get after a big hit or key strikeout was absolutely electric.  You could tell how genuinely invested every single player was in that team, and that heightened level of commitment carried us to the championship.


What was your favorite part about being in Fond du Lac?


Spending the summer in Fond du Lac taught me how to live a bit slower.  The lifestyle in Fondy is polar opposite to anything I have ever been exposed to; however I thoroughly enjoyed being immersed in a new culture.


What did you do when you had an off day during the season?


During my off days I would usually trek back to Northwestern and hangout with my teammates that were spending the summer on campus.


How did the Northwoods League experience help you grow as a player?


The Northwoods league taught me two things: the value of being a good teammate and how to take things with a grain of salt.  77 games in 82 days adds up to a lot of time spend with your teammates, so investing in those relationships and having a strong support system makes the experience that much better.  In regards to taking things with a grain of salt, when you play every day, there is no room for negative thoughts to creep in.  Every game is a new opportunity to make a name for yourself, so putting your best foot forward every day is of the utmost importance.


How was your Fall Ball season, and what are your expectations for your college season this Spring?


Unfortunately, I sat out my fall season due to a minor injury, but I am back to 100% and ready for spring! I look forward to facing many of my former Dock Spider teammates during the course of my college season.


What advice would you provide future players who are coming to play for the Dock Spiders and in the Northwoods League?


The summer may seem to be never-ending, but be present in the moment and enjoy it while it’s happening because it will be over before you know it.  The relationships that you form with the players on the team, staff in the organization, and host families are ones that you will cherish for many years to come.