Catching Up with Brock Weirather

Catching Up with Brock Weirather (2019 Dock Spider) from Grinnell College



1) What was the difference between the Midwest Conference (your college conference) and the Northwoods League?

The biggest difference was definitely the competition. I was playing against great baseball players from all over the country in the Northwoods League, rather than just teams from my college conference.

2) What was your favorite moment from the 2019 season?

My favorite moment was pitching four innings in Madison to get the save. The crowd and atmosphere was incredible.

3) What was your favorite part about being in Fond du Lac?

My favorite part was definitely meeting the other players and making life long friendships with them. My host family was also amazing.

4) Late in our season you ran over to personally thank our “Military Hero of the Game” during a game. Could you please talk about that a bit more in detail? It was a very nice gesture.

The military hero on that day was the father of my host dad. I had already had the pleasure of hearing how great of a person he was. I wanted to give him a baseball signed by the team and personally shake his hand. I think it’s important that he and all of our military heroes know just how much we appreciate them.

5) How was your Fall Ball season? What are your expectations for your college team this season?

My Fall Ball season went well. We have a talented freshman class and a strong pitching staff this season. I think that we should do very well this year if we all stay healthy!

6) What advice would you provide future players who are coming to play for the Dock Spiders and in the Northwoods League?

I would say enjoy not only the baseball, but also everything that goes with it. The long bus rides, pregame meals and making lifelong friendships with your teammates.

7) What is your long-term goal after college?

I want to play professional baseball but I’m studying biological chemistry so if baseball doesn’t work out, I’ll probably go into some field of medicine.