Catching Up with Brad Hudson

Catching Up with Brad Hudson (2018, 2019 Dock Spider) from Southern Illinois University



1) Could you go back to summer of 2018 and explain to us what the feeling was like with your Inside-the-Park Home Run?

The feeling of hitting the inside-the-park home run was outstanding! Those do not happen very often so it will always be a special memory for me. It was especially exciting to hear the crowd cheering and all of my teammates hyped up as I ran around the bases (which was the best feeling).

2) Take us back to the final game last summer and your comeback game against Madison. The triple you had off the wall really brought a lot of energy to the stadium.

This was a special day for me. When Charbs (Manager-Zac Charbonneau) called me and asked if I wanted to play, I was so ecstatic to come back and help Fondy make a playoff run. The triple was particularly special because we took the lead and I helped contribute to the win.

3) What was different about your past two summers in Fond du Lac?

The biggest difference between summer of 2018 and 2019 for me was my playing time. It was very disappointing to have my ankle injury this past season and have it cut my summer short. However, I am so blessed to have been a part of two great teams and to have been coached by Charbs.

4) What advice would you provide future players who are coming to play for the Dock Spiders and in the Northwoods League?

My advice would be to come in with an open mind, work hard, take it day by day, but have fun as well. With the long season you will play a lot of games and meet a ton of great guys. Enjoy the opportunity to play for a fantastic organization!

5) Favorite memory out of the last two summers?

My favorite memory from the past two seasons would have to be the last game of the 2019 season. To be able to end the season on a nine-game winning streak, receive player of the game, and get a Gatorade shower at the end was a once in a lifetime memory.

6) What are your expectations for your college team this season?

Expectations at Southern Illinois University are high this year. With our new coaching staff it couldn’t be better! I think we have a solid group of guys to make a run this spring and think we will surprise a lot of people.

7) What is your long-term goal after college?

My long term goal after college would be to get drafted and continue playing baseball. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll be pursuing a doctorate in physical therapy to help elite athletes recover from their injuries.