There aren’t many things more exciting than suspense, thrillers, and hanging on the edge of your seat. While some mysteries involve very serious outcomes, the Growlers and Airway Fun Center are partnering together to lighten it up a bit :)

Instead of a mystery involving life or death, we’re creating a mystery promotion where EVERY SINGLE PERSON WINS A FREE PRIZE. Did that ruin the mystery? Oops!

When you attend a Growlers game, you’ll receive a white and orange envelope that says, “Airways Secret Envelope.” DON’T OPEN IT! Yes you heard that right – Keep the envelope sealed and bring it to Airway Fun Center. 

When visiting their location on Portage Road and across the street from the Kalamazoo Airport, their staff will open the envelope, and you’ll win a prize courtesy of the Growlers and Airway! From free merchandise, rounds of bowling, to LUNCH WITH A DETROIT TIGER, every single envelope is a winner!