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Published On: May 17th, 2024

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KALAMAZOO, MI – On August 24th, a first-of-its-kind event is coming to Kalamazoo, MI. A team of celebrity influencers now known as the Northern Nut Smugglers will attempt to beat an all-star baseball team; the Kalamazoo Growlers All-Stars. This game will feature a new format and rules known as “Jacked Baseball.”  Rosters will feature celebrities, influencers, former MLB players, college baseball all-stars, and more.

The Nut Smugglers roster features influencers with a combined 50+ million followers.  TikTok star Frankie Lapenna (16 million), the Momentum Sports team (1 million), baseball personality Stephen Schoch (250 thousand), Allen Ferrell (4 million), brendenlmao (6.4 million), Matt Wurning, (1 million), Keegan Kevesdy (2.4 million), Lou Balance (500 thousand), Austin Schultz (200 thousand), 1hunnaG (650 thousand), Tucker Genal (2 million), Carson Genal (2 million) and more.

The Momentum Sports team will feature Eric Sim aka King of JUCO, Tosh Semlacher, Cole Acheronti, Marika Lyszczyk, Kevin Chan, and more with future roster announcements planned.

The Growlers All-Stars roster will feature 6x MLB All-Star and 2x World Series champion Jose Canseco. Along with Detroit Tiger and MLB home run leader Darrell Evans and the Growlers famous 9-yr old Coach Drake. Growlers Hall of Famer Adam Wheaton will get the start for the Growlers All-Stars on the mound. Other roster highlights include Growlers all-time home run leader Banks Tolley, former Savannah Bananas and Party Animals players, and more.

Fans can receive early access to reserve tickets by joining the free Priority List at the Team’s Website.  Ticket holders will receive seats to the game, autograph sessions, giveaways, and more.

The unique rules and game format of “Jacked Baseball” feature:

Game Format:  The game will be broken up into three (3) separate three (3) inning games. An intermission similar to hockey will separate each three-inning game and will feature entertainment acts. Best two out of three wins.

Game 1: Traditional baseball rules.

Game 2: Mario Superstar Baseball. Outfield obstacles, powered-up baseball bats, flame baseball pitches, and more.

Game 3: New Jacked Baseball rules are now in play. Below are each of the new rules that will be featured:

  1. Home Run Derby. The Jacked Baseball final game starts with a HR derby with each home run counting as a run. The final three innings are played after.

  2. Bigger Bat Barrels (2 ¾ vs. 2 ⅝)

  3. Juiced Baseballs (ball travels approx 20 ft farther)

  4. 3 ball counts require a fastball to be pitched

  5. The Penalty Box (Similar to hockey, if the pitcher hits a batter, the fielding team loses a player to the Penalty Box until an out is recorded)

Jacked Baseball Rules are all designed to increase offense and add more exciting moments.

Every major sport across the U.S. has adapted its rules over time to benefit the offense and create a more exciting game. Every sport except baseball. America’s two most popular sports, the NFL & NBA, continue to change rules to restrict the defense and give the offense more room for scoring. This increased offense has led to more touchdown celebrations, more slam dunks, more action, and a more watchable game for the casual fan.

The creators of the event are Outlier Events, a national festival and special event company based in Kalamazoo, MI. Outlier Events has made waves across the country for their “over the top” events including the world’s first Donut and Beer Festival, the country’s first Tater tot festival, state Mac and Cheese Festivals, and many more.