Scarcity. Everyone loves to have things that can’t be had – Like our Mac N Cheese Festival! Last year, we sold out of our 4,000 tickets within 3 days. This year, it’s projected to be 2 days. 

However, you have NOT missed the window for attending this exclusive event. We’re partnering with Climax Solar to offer 50 free tickets to the Mac N Cheese Festival. 

All you have to do is sign-up via the form below, Climax Solar will reach out for an in-home consultation, and BAM – You’re on your way to attending the Mac N Cheese Festival.

Climax Solar is a solar energy contractor located in Portage, Michigan. They not only provide renewable, clean energy for homes across SW Michigan, but they also save homes THOUSANDS of dollars compared to usual electrical bills. 

Sign-up for an in-home consultation, save thousands of dollars, and celebrate with some delicious Mac N Cheese. 

What. A. Day. Let’s Get Started!