Usually, helping the environment and helping your wallet often don’t go hand-in-hand. However, with Climax Solar and their solar panels, it defies the norm. Your decision to begin using solar electricity not only helps create a sustainable future for the planet, it also creates a sustainable and better future for your finances.

Climax Solar is giving away solar panels to a lucky fan during the 2023 summer season! Here’s how it works:

First, sign up using the form below! Second, when the first home run from a Growlers player hits the target on the Bell’s Bear Cave Suite this season, one entry from this form will win free solar panels courtesy of Climax Solar!

Still not convinced? If you sign-up via the form below and do an in-home consultation with Climax Solar, you’ll receive 2 FREE TICKETS TO ONE OF OUR FOOD FESTIVALS THIS YEAR! Let me repeat: FREE FOOD FESTIVAL TICKETS.

Sign up via the form below, and we’ll see you at the ballpark this summer!

Climax Solar Giveaway

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