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Published On: October 25th, 2016

This isn't munching on a cookie by the Christmas tree. These are eight full-fledged meals plus a free gift in the process.

By Brian Colopy
Vice President
Kalamazoo Growlers

This isn't what we are talking about.

If you’re like me, Holiday gift buying always makes me a little stressed out.

Is it the right size? Will he or she like it? Well, I’ve got a gift idea that might work for you. It’s eating with Santa. That’s the gift: eating with Santa.

I’m talking about eating with Santa at our baseball games.

I’m talking about all the hot dogs, cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, cookies & soda and water you want.


You need to know just one thing before you consider this gift.

The person that you give this gift to needs to like baseball.

It could be a Dad, a Mom, a son, a daughter, an uncle or aunt, a brother or sister, nieces or nephews or just a good friend. If that special person likes baseball, consider my suggestion.   

Here are all the things that come with Eating With Santa. :
  1. You eat at five of our best games. We call this our 5-Game Pack. These five games include sold-out weekend games. With some games, we’ve even added post-game fireworks and Dave the Cannonball Guy.
  2. All-You-Can-Eat at every game. At every game you attend in this 5-Game Pack, you’ll get all of the fresh-grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, chips, cookies & soda and water that you want. There’s even a private tent and pavilion area dedicated to our 5-Game pack buyers. This means no waiting in concession lines.
  3. Best Seats. You'll get to watch the action from the best views and closest seats in the ballpark.
  4. Free gifts. You get a $40 Growlers Jersey and a $17 hat for each 5-Game Pack that you buy.
  5. Highly affordable. You can see the future MLB stars of tomorrow and eat a drink as much as you want for as low as $13 per ticket.

He definitely threw a ball.

You don’t have to don white whiskers or a red suit to be Santa. You just have to have a special person that would enjoy going to our baseball games with you. As Santa, you’re providing the games and the food and the fun. You’re Santa, but you get to enjoy this gift just as much.

This gift isn’t like a sweater or a DVD that can be used right now. After all, our season doesn’t start until May.

However, we’ll provide you with a special ‘Stocking Stuffer Holiday Card’ that will announce how you’re being a baseball Santa. I feel that the best gifts are the ones that are thoughtful. This isn’t just going out to dinner someplace. This is five planned events where you can cheer and talk and shout and have fun together.

A summer full of baseball, Eating with Santa, is a gift that really blossoms with every game that you attend with that special person. 5-game packs start at $65 for bleacher and $75 for box seats. To place your order, fill out the form below or call (269) 492-9966.