Are you sick and tired of the same old fundraisers? Are you looking for something unique and fun that can raise money for your organization? We can help. The Growlers offer special ticket fundraisers for groups of all kinds.

Here’s how it works… Every fundraiser ticket package includes a bleacher ticket and a Growlers hat ($26 value). Your group then sells the ticket for $16, $10 below the value of the package. You then keep $7 from each package you sell. So each member of your group gets a fun night while saving money and supporting a good cause.

Sell 50 tickets, keep $350.  Sell 200 tickets, keep $1,400.

Just fill out the form below and a Growlers rep will contact you to show you some easy steps to take to put on a great event all while raising money for a good cause!

Please contact a Growlers Ticket Representative at 269.492.9966 for more details