Published On: August 10th, 2002

The Madison Mallards announced on Saturday a few significant changes as the 2002 season winds down. The most important change will be the departure of Director of Operations Anje Van Roo.
Van Roo, who will be stepping down at the end of September, had worked in the front office for three years with the Madison Blackwolf and was one of the original members of the Madison Mallards front office staff. She is leaving to pursue other opportunities.
“This has been a great opportunity for me personally and professionally,” Van Roo said. “It has been fun for me to see this project grow but it is time to pass the torch on to somebody else.”
It was also announced on Saturday that Vern Stenman, who was the Director of Marketing and Baseball Operations, will now be the General Manager of the Mallards.
“I am looking forward to the continued expansion of this franchise,” Stenman said. “We have a great owner, great fans and have had a great two years. I am looking forward to continually improving this team.”
Stenman also expressed sadness at the departure of Van Roo. “She has been an integral part of this team since our inception and she will be sorely missed, both as a Mallard and as a friend.”

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