Published On: November 1st, 2004

The Northwoods League Board of Directors unanimously approved a recommendation from its owners to expand the size of Northwoods League active rosters to twenty-six (26) for the 2005 season. The Board also approved the recommendation to increase the players under contract by any one team to thirty (30). The previous roster limits were twenty-five (25) active and twenty-nine (29) under contract.

The recommendations came out of an owner?s meeting held October 20-21 in St. Cloud, MN.

?This is another positive move in our awareness of caring for the collegiate athlete,? said Northwoods League President, Dick Radatz, Jr. ?Our roster size has moved accordingly with our increase in game schedule over the years.?

The Northwoods League?s active roster size has gone from a low of twenty (20) in its inaugural season of 1994 to its current level of twenty-six (26) for the 2005 season.

The Northwoods League will play a sixty-eight (68) game schedule in 2005.

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