Meet Your Mallards – Spencer Steedley

Where would we be without computers? While some say they are not “computer literate”, there’s no doubt we, as a society, have come to depend on them greatly. For information and communication, nothing’s faster than the internet these days. The Madison Mallards know this and so do the players who come to town. Ask UNC-Charlotte outfielder Spencer Steedley.

Steedley plays for the 49ers along with three other athletes that spent last summer in Madison (Adam Mills, Kris Rochelle and Erik Walker). After hearing about how much those three enjoyed Madison, Steedley did some research on his own.

“I went to the team’s Web site and saw the stadium, the fans and everything else. After talking with Adam and Kris, I knew it was where I wanted to play this summer.”

Steedley played in the Coastal Plain League last summer for the Wilson Tobs. There, he was a teammate with future Mallards teammate Mitch Saum. “He’s a good guy,” said Steedley. “He’s laid-back, I’m laid-back.”

Steedley has been playing right field for UNC-Charlotte this season and has provided a lot of power for the team, leading the 49ers in homeruns and RBI. He’s also become the Sunday pitcher for the team. “This year, I came in thinking I’d pitch if they needed me to, but the past few weeks I’ve become a regular starter.”

How is Steedley handling the double duty? “The preparation is different, but it’s not that big of a deal. I’ve been doing it my whole life.”

He may be pulling double duty with the Mallards this summer, too. “I just want to do a lot of different things. It helps me and it helps the team.”