Mallards Announce Opening Night #2 this Friday

This Friday, July 7, will be the Madison Mallards Opening Night # 2 marking the start of the second half of the Northwoods League season. Opening Night # 2 will feature a brass band, second-half poster schedules to the first 750 fans and the Mallards will be starting with a 0-0 record.

July 7 was planned to be ?Bad PR Night, presented by BALCO.? This night was going to be the unveiling of all the not so great ideas that the Mallards front office staff has dreamed up over the years. A Maynard and Millie divorce and a burying of a fan under the infield were planned, in addition to other bad or politically incorrect ideas. Feel free to let your imagination run on this one ? if you can dream it up, it was probably going to happen this Friday. In fact all the discussion about Bad PR Night in the office got us to thinking ? are the Mallards really all about Bad PR? Of course the answer was ?NO.? That coupled with the fact that this Friday also happens to be the first game of the second half of the 2006 Northwoods League Season led us to replace Bad PR Night with a little Good PR. So please come join us for Opening Night # 2 as the Mallards start the second-half with a 0-0 record and begin the chase for a fourth straight Northwoods League Playoff appearance.

There are good seats, including Great Dane Duck Blind tickets, available for Opening Night # 2 this Friday at 7:05 p.m. against the Eau Claire Express. The Mallards play 19 of their 34 second-half games at the Duck Pond. There are tickets available for every remaining Mallards home game. For more information please log onto or call 608.246.4277.