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Shown: Joe Patterson’s (Texas A&M) pink uniform


Fans, here’s your chance to win a game-worn Pink Mallards Uniform and/or Pink Bat while giving to a great cause; the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Madison Affiliate! Starting today, you can submit an online bid (starting at $50) for as many uniforms and bats as you’d like, that will carry over into Sunday’s game on July 19 during which fans will have the chance to match & continue to bid in-person. The auction will end with the last out in the bottom of the 7th inning and winners will be announced in the 8th inning. Winners do not need to be in attendance, but it is recommended. ($5 will be added for shipped orders)

Proceeds benefit the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Madison Affiliate.

To place your bid please follow these steps:

1) Click on the link “BID” beside the player’s name
2) Your email program will then open a new message
3) In the body of that email please include: the player’s name, the dollar amount of your bid, your name & your phone number!

example: Harold Riggins, $125, Jerrad Radocay, (608) xxx-xxxx

4) Bid as many times as you’d like on as many jersey’s as you wish! (remember, bids less than $50 won’t be used!)

*Please note: Backside of uniforms will show the player’s number only.
**Also note that some players have both their uniform & bat available for bidding as a combination (see Winiarski, as an example), while other players will be their uniforms and bats available in separate bids (see Riggins, as an example).

Pitchers (according to jersey #)

#10, Cody Winiarski (MATC) – BID (uniform & bat combo!) (*2009 Mid-Season All-Star)
#16, J.R. Graham (Santa Clara) – BID (uniform & bat combo!)
#17, Matt Jansen (Purdue) – BID (uniform & bat combo!)
#19, Derek Self (Louisville) – BID (uniform & bat combo!)
#22, Garrett Granitz (Azusa Pacific) – BID (uniform & bat combo!)
#25, Denny Clement (Texas A&M) – BID (uniform & bat combo!)
#27, Jacob Esch (Georgia Tech) – BID (uniform & bat combo!)
#28, Alex Rivers (Santa Clara) – BID (uniform & bat combo!)
#38, Dan Burawa (St. John’s) – BID (uniform & bat combo!)
#39, Brandon Johnson (Western Carolina) – BID (uniform only!)
#44, Jordan Hershiser (USC) – BID (uniform only!)
#48, Cameron Amsrud (UW-Milwaukee) – BID (uniform & bat combo!)
#50, Brad Allen (Elgin CC) – BID (uniform & bat combo!)

Position players

#4, Harold Riggins (NC State) – BID (uniform only!)(*2009 Mid-Season All-Star)
#5, Joe Patterson (Texas A&M) – BID (uniform only!)
#8, Kurtis Muller (Iowa) – BID (unform only!)(*2009 Mid-Season All-Star)
#11, Jimmy Parque (St. John’s) – BID (uniform & bat combo!)
#18, Jerrud Sabourin (Indiana) – BID (uniform only!)
#21, Adam McClain (Memphis) – BID (uniform only!)
#23, Troy Channing (St. Mary’s) – BID (uniform only!)
#24, John Hicks (Virginia) – BID (uniform & bat combo!)
#42, Chris Barker (MATC) – BID (uniform & bat combo!)
#55, Tyson Blaser (Iowa) – BID (uniform & bat combo!)

#13, Manager CJ Thieleke – BID (uniform & bat combo!)

Coaching staff
#2, Brian Smith (Northern Illinois) – BID (uniform only!)
#15, Tyler Schill (MATC) – BID (uniform only!)
#41, Jason Immekus (Jefferson College) – BID (uniform only!)

Pink Bat Auction (you are bidding on these players’ game-used bats only)
Harold Riggins – BID (bat only!)
Jordan Hershiser – BID (bat only!)
Joe Patterson – BID (bat only!)
Troy Channing – BID (bat only!)
Adam McClain – BID (bat only!)
Kurtis Muller – BID (bat only!)
Jerrud Sabourin – BID (bat only!)

Good luck!

On Sunday, gates will open at 3:30 p.m. with the first pitch beginning at 5:05 p.m.

Published On: July 14th, 2009