The Wisconsin Film School produces “Hits” at the Duck Pond

As the sun gets higher the crew learns how to provide the best lighting for the outdoor scene in the Mallards concourse area.

Madison, WI – September 25, 2009. The movie “Hits,” a 10-minute film produced by The Wisconsin Film School for the Mustard Museum located in Middleton, was shot at the “Duck Pond” last week, giving seven students the opportunity to experience a professional film-making setting.

Based on an award-winning script by Tom Dunn, “Hits” is described on as being a magical story of hot dogs, baseball, and belief in mustard. Call it superstition or call it magic, a special blend of mustard produces hits for Mallard rookie Terry Carnahan (Peter Kubicki). One dog leads to another, soon the Mallards are winning, and the hot dog vendor, Rusty (Colin Cameron) is offered a deal of a lifetime. Will he take it or stick with his little cart? You’ll have to wait for the movie premiere at the new Mustard Museum!

“Hits” was directed by Kelley Baker and produced by Jim Carrier for the Wisconsin Film School. In an intense five-day workshop, seven students learned how to run cameras, light scenes, record movie-quality sound and function in a fast-paced, professional film-making session.

Click here for photos of the crew, cast, and extras at the shooting held at the “Duck Pond” on September 20.

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