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Published On: June 17th, 2023

ng The MoonDogs were looking to not get stung on this trip to the Beehive. It started out well with Kip Fougerousse getting a first pitch Home Run. Kai Roberts followed up with a first pitch double keeping pressure on the Stingers. Arial Armas would round it out with an RBI single to give the MoonDogs a 2-0 lead.

Derrick Smith made quick work of the Stingers going three up three down on seven pitches in the first.

The MoonDogs would continue to put pressure on Stingers. Hunter Faildo would reach on a walk. While Mikey Gottschalk continued his hot streak with a single and advancement on an error. Ty Rumsey would join in on the fun with a sac fly getting the MoonDogs up by three. Dustin Crenshaw would ground out while driving in Gottschalk.

The third inning would go by quietly for both teams before Faildo would throw down catching his second stealer of the night to end the inning.

Smith would continue to show dominance on the mound completing the fourth inning going three up three down.

The fifth inning would have some fireworks as Gottschalk would steal an extra base hit from Kyle Payne as he corralled a would-be line hugger. Rumsey would save a deep ball by Jake Hjelle holding down the 4-0 lead. Sean Rimmer would send one deep putting the Stingers on the board.

Jack Anker would come in during the sixth inning and make quick work of the Stingers going three up three down.

Anker would continue to slice and dice the Stinger hitters completing a clean eighth inning.

The MoonDogs would look to shut the door on the Stingers up by four after a bases loaded walk. Anker would come in for the final inning of the game looking to end the night on a high note. After getting the first two batters out Anker would allow the tying run to reach the on-deck circle after walking two batters. Anker would come through in the end and get the final out securing the win for the MoonDogs.

Join us tomorrow at 5:05 P.M. for a matchup between the same two teams.