Muttnik – K9

Height: 6’3
Weight: 210
Bats/Throws: Right Pawed/Right Pawed
Position: Anywhere at The Frank
Hometown: Mankato, Minn.
Birthdate: March, 2005

The MoonDogs will have yet another familiar face in the stands this season. Muttnik, a member of the MoonDogs since 2005, has decided, after developing a loyal fan base last summer, to remain with the MoonDogs for another season.

Born in early March of 2005, Muttnik was soon enrolled in training at Me and My Master. After a full year schooling, he returned to the Frank for the 2006 season and soon proved that he was indeed a top dog by showing off all of his new tricks. Besides shaking, rolling over, and fetching, Muttnik spent last season dancing the YMCA, signing autographs, eating birthday cake and flaunting his baseball knowledge–this dog knows a bad pitch when he sees it.

Although Muttnik’s favorite place by far is The Frank, he has managed to make friends outside of the park. He’s marched in parades, visited company picnics, and played tag with the local youth. He’s also developed a new love for reading and has visited area elementary schools to encourage every one to participate in the MoonDogs reading program!

With so many exciting events coming up in this season, you’ll be sure to see Muttnik out at the park again. He can’t resist the fun-filled atmosphere, or the hot dogs, and is eager to once again, to be Mankato’s MoonDog!