Do you love baseball?
Are you interested in having an impact on a young man’s life?
Possibly an impact on their professional career?
Are you interested in building a relationship that may last a life time?


Every year approximately 30 – 40 young men move to Mankato for the summer to play for the Mankato MoonDogs. From late-May through mid-August, these young, aspiring ballplayers continue to hone their baseball skills playing 72 games in 76 days. Players come from all over the U.S. to participate in the Northwoods League and to be a part of the MoonDogs

The MoonDogs Host Family program has been a vital part of the team’s success both on and off the field. Having the players become part of a local family helps them have a sense of normalcy in a strange, new city. Many of the players become more than a guest, they actually become part of the family, inviting their hosts to their future weddings and family events!

Experience memories that last a lifetime!
To become a Host Family…
  • Provide:
    • A legal, clean bedroom and bed for the player during the baseball season in a safe and comfortable living environment
    • Some meals for the player(s) during the season
  • Benefit:
    • Host Family (family household members) will receive a free season pass allowing them ticket access to ALL regular season games, both home and away
    • Make a positive impact on the future of a young man
    • Just might get to know a future Major League Baseball Star!
    • Increased involvement in your community
  • Get in return:
    • Lots of love, smiles and great memories!


  • Does the player require his own bedroom?
    • Most families offer the players a spare room. We ask that it be a legal bedroom and not a storage room made into a bedroom.  Ask yourself, would you like your son to stay there if he was staying with a new family?
  • Will I have to provide meals for the player?
    • You will be asked to provide meals or have food in the fridge while the team is in town.  On game days, a post game meal is provided by the team.  Expect to provide some type of breakfast and lunch, and have some food available for late night meals.  It’s best to have a sit down with your player and go over meal expectations and requests.
  • Will I have to provide transportation for the player?
    • Some players will have their own car, but others may need a ride to the ballpark.  The Rochester Honkers Host Family Coordinator will assist in setting up carpools as well.  You do not have to provide a car for the player, but you may be asked occasionally for a ride if they don’t have their own transportation.
  • Is it like my college son coming home for the summer? 
    • Exactly!  When they do arrive depending on their school and baseball schedule, they are playing baseball 72 of 76 days of the season, so you don’t really see them much depending on the home and away schedule.

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