We here with the MoonDogs want to help your Non-Profit (501C) raise money!  Each night of the season, we look to have a Non-Profit Organization of the Night out to the game to help YOU raise money!  This is a great opportunity to get the word out to the Mankato community.  Not to mention, we will help you set up a booth and send fans that way!  You could give away small knick-knacks, do a fundraiser at the booth, or whatever you see fit!  Organizations in the past have even sold little items and treats.

In addition to all of this visibility for your organization, you can also raise money by selling tickets!  For every ticket you sell your organization will receive $3 back!  Sell 100 tickets, that’s $300.  Furthermore, we also incentivize your ticket drive:

  • Sell 25 Tickets – Receive 2 additional PA Announcements about your organization during the game!
  • Sell 50 Tickets – Receive an autographed MoonDogs baseball and a MoonDogs hat – you can even auction these off at the game!
  • Sell 75 Tickets – Your organization will have the opportunity to come out onto the field in between one of our innings, and address the crowd about your Non-Profit!
  • Sell 100 Tickets – After the game, we will host a Launch-A-Ball event for your Non-Profit.  Go around the stadium during the game, selling numbered tennis balls.  We provide the prizes for this event!

For more information, check out the flyer below and give us a call to set up your Non-Profit night!

Non-Profit Night 2018