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Published On: January 9th, 2019

It’s time to check in with some Dock Spiders players from last summer to see how their experience was and what to expect during their upcoming college season!

Connor Cook RHP

UW-La Crosse

What was your favorite Dock Spiders moment from the regular season of 2018?

My favorite moment from the regular season is the night we clinched a spot in the playoffs. The atmosphere at Herr-Baker that night was incredible and showed how much the city of Fond Du Lac supported us.


What was your favorite moment during the Northwoods League championship run in August?

My favorite moment from the championship run in August would be my game 1 start in the World Series. I remember being extremely excited to start the first home playoff game in Fond du Lac, let alone Game 1 of the Northwoods League World Series. I am very grateful of my performance that night and thankful for all the support my teammates and the fans contributed. After that game, we felt very confident in bringing home the Northwoods League Championship Trophy to Fond du Lac.


What was your favorite part about being in Fond du Lac?

My favorite part of being in Fond du Lac was the support of the fans. Every night the “Fondy Faithful” would come out and cheer us on. I was extremely excited driving to the ballpark every day and having their support.


What did you do when you had an off day during the season?

I luckily had friends and family that lived close to Fond du Lac. On my off days, I would go hang out at a family-friend’s lake house with friends. It was very relaxing.


How did the Northwoods League experience help you grow as a player?

The Northwoods League experience allowed me to gain confidence. After having a mediocre season at school, the Northwoods League allowed me to regroup and pitch against some of the best competition in the country. It also allowed me to experience playing baseball everyday with minimal days off which taught me to take a little time to reflect on a performance but get ready for your next one because the next day was a new day.


How was your Fall Ball season, and what are your expectations for your college season this Spring?

My fall ball season was good and it allowed me to tone it back a little bit. After having a long Spring/Summer season, I was able to put a lot of time into my mechanics and my body. In preparation for this upcoming spring, my two biggest expectations for this spring is a conference championship and hopefully a regional championship.


What advice would you provide future players who are coming to play for the Dock Spiders and in the Northwoods League?

My advice would be to embrace everything the Northwoods League and Dock Spiders have to offer. You are going to meet a lot of new people and create friendships that will last forever. The coaches are going to provide all the resources you need to improve your game. Take it day by day and have fun with it.