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Coach Drake Disciplined by Growlers

Kalamazoo, MI – The Kalamazoo Growlers have undergone disciplinary procedures against coaching staff member, Coach Drake after he missed an important team wide meeting.

Drake, age 7, has been fined with additional chores and a weeklong suspension of television rights.

Brian Colopy, Managing Partner of the Growlers, said, “All members of our team are held to the same standard and Coach Drake is expected to meet that standard. He missed the meeting and has been given a punishment in line with our internal procedures. We consider the matter closed.”

An unnamed member of Coach Drake’s camp said, “The punishment is ridiculous, Drake was at school! He was learning! Unfortunately, the reality of hiring a 7 year old coach is that he’ll miss meetings due to school work. If the Growlers cannot live with that reality, we will find a team that can.”

It is understood Drake will appeal the punishment.