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Published On: December 12th, 2022

The Holidays are such a crazy time. Presents, Christmas lights, the tree, and of course…Santa. 

The jolly old fat man who lives in the North Pole is really busy ONE night of the year.

You know how many nights of the year I am busy? A lot of them. The festive season can be hard work and a lot of extra effort. And year after year I find myself ranting about the fact that my family is under the impression that the man in red has chosen, made, wrapped and delivered the presents. 

He is the one that they behave for come December. He is the one they want to please. Despite the fact I wear myself out on a weekly basis to make their lives run smoothly, it is his once-a-year nightshift that leaves them wondering how on earth he gets it all done. 

Santa gets all of the credit!? I’m sick of Santa getting all of the credit.

I’ve had enough of it.


Think about it. Who buys the presents? Who puts the decorations up? Who actually makes Christmas happen? It’s me. Not, Old St. Nick.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the festive season as much as anyone. I want my family to have a magical time. What I’m upset about is that the man in the red suit gets all the credit.  It’s just not fair.

But, not this year. This year, I signed the family up for a Zoo Crew Membership. It’s an exclusive club, jam packed with perks, available for anyone to join. It comes with tickets to 5 games, gifts, unlimited food at every game, the best seats and access to year-round events.

Sorry Santa, but I’m looking forward to this summer when I can sit in the sun, put my feet up on the box seat in front of me, sink my teeth into a delicious hotdog, wash it down with a cold beer and finally hear the words: “Thanks for everything” from my family.

Here is what your family can expect as Zoo Crew Members:

  1. All-You-Can-Eat Food/Drinks. You get all you can eat food through the 4th inning. We even bring in food trucks and catered meals to give more options each game.
  2. Free Gifts. Receive a team jersey and hat for FREE. ($75 value) It’s the only way to get them.
  3. Our Best Games. Fireworks, local celebrities, nationally renown entertainment acts. Last year these weekend nights sold out. The only way to guarantee access to these games is with your membership.
  4. Ticket Exchange Program. You can exchange any tickets in advance for tickets to another regular season home game of your choice.
  5. Payment Plan. We even have an easy payment plan that allows you to pay as you go.
  6. Year-Round Events. As a member, you’ll now get FREE access to exclusive events year round including our February 11th, KWings event.
  7. Partner Perks and Coupons. Visit our community partners and receive exclusive deals.
  8. And More! Insider news and information. A discount on merchandise. Access to our Facebook group.

New members also get these perks:

  1. Jersey and Hat for the Holidays. Returning members get a jersey and hat to wrap up for the holidays.
  2. No payments until January. Returning members won’t be charged until January. Get your gifts, and not pay for them until later.
  3. KWings game tickets. Returning members get free passes to the KWings game on February 11th.

All of this will only cost you $85! That’s 1 ticket to 5 games for only $17 per game. If you walked up the day of the game you’d pay $21 per ticket and not get any food, gifts or perks.


Brian Colopy

Kalamazoo Growlers Owner


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