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Showtime Corey’s Farewell to Fans

Every player that comes through Kalamazoo is dreaming of one day getting the call from a major league team letting them know that they have been drafted.  Just this past season 10 former Growlers got that exact call, and now they are dreaming of the the big call to the “Show”.

In my time with the Kalamazoo Growlers organization I have learned that not only do the players have dreams, but so does this amazing organization. We want to become one of the best entertainment venues providing family fun that can’t be matched in the area. As On-Field Host I get to be a huge part of it, so why would anyone want to leave?

About a week ago, I received my own version of “The Call”. An opportunity was offered to me that was too good to pass up. I am very happy to have accepted a full-time position with the Detroit Tigers as Client Service Representative.

My entire childhood was full of dreams about playing for the Detroit Tigers. My grandfather’s hero was Al Kaline, my dad’s was Kirk Gibson, and mine was Bobby Higginson. Detroit Tiger baseball is in my blood.

It’s not exactly right fielder, but there is no doubt working for the Tigers has been a dream of mine. I do not fail to recognize that this was only possible because of the Kalamazoo Growlers. It couldn’t have come true without them.

I want to thank Brian Colopy, Dick Radatz, Nate Kissell, Bailey Broderick, Coach Piechocki, and the rest of the Growler organization for their support. Most importantly, I want to thank the fans. I will miss entertaining for you so much! Thank you for allowing me to be the “Crazy Guy in the Suit”; it was my honor!

I am proud to be the first Growler in big leagues….and I know our first player in the big leagues is coming soon, perhaps even for the Detroit Tigers. I will be around, and if you are ever at Comerica, feel free to ask around for me. See you at the ballpark! Go Growlers! Go Tigers!

Corey Wolfgang

“Showtime Corey”