La Crosse Loggers Rain Policy


Games will rarely be postponed before the game's original starting time. All efforts will be made to play every game. Remember, weather varies from city to city and in all likelihood, the Loggers will play ball!


Rainy Day Terminology

Rain Delay
<A rain delay is when the game is offically delayed. Play will continue later in the evening. Tickets cannot be exchanged in the event of a rain delay.

Postponed Game
A postponed game is when a game starts and then is postponed due to inclement weather before a game becomes offical. (5th inning) When this happens, the game is usually rescheduled to finish on another date. Tickets from the postponed game are good for the rescheduled game.

A rainout is when a game never begins and is cancelled. When this happens, the game is usually rescheduled into a double header the next time the two teams meet. In the event of a rainout, single game tickets can be exchanged at the Loggers office for the same price admission to any regular season game during the current season, based on availability. Season Ticket Holders packages include all 36 games so any rainout game tickets will be good for the scheduled makeup game.


What should I do…

If it is raining before the game…
It it is raining before the start of a game, the new AstroTurf infield allows for a lot of rain to fall and still protects the field of play. This being the case, if the rain stops before the scheduled game start time, the game will continue as planed. If the rain continues into the scheduled game time, Loggers management will then make a decision based on the forcast.

If it begins to rain during the game…
If it begins to rain during the game, the Loggers Tarp Crew will quickly place a tarp across the pitchers mound. At this time, the umpires have sole discretion and determination if and when the game will resume. If the umpires feel that the inclement weather will pass, a rain delay is put into effect. If the umpires agree that the inclement weather will not pass in a reasonable amount of time, a postponement is announced.

If a rainout is declared after five innings or 4 1/2 innings with the home team leading, the game is considered "official." In this case, there will be no ticket exchanges.