Logger Dog’s Reading Club is a reading incentive program sponsored by the La Crosse Loggers Baseball Club. Your child will have the opportunity to improve their reading skills while earning Logger souvenir items and a ticket to a Loggers game, where your child will be recognized on the field alongside their classmates!

The Game Plan

What: A reading program divided into 4 segments, with each segment representing a base. Once your child completes 250 minutes of reading time, they will receive a prize from the Loggers and advance to the next base!

When: Beginning in February 2023 through May 9, 2023

Progress: Each day that your child completes a reading assignment, record the number of minutes on the Parent Verification Form

Bring to school: After each segment is completed, a parent’s signature is needed on the respective bases’ verification slip to indicate completion. Please remove the slip and have your child return it to their teacher. If you need another copy, click the button at the bottom of the page to print a new one.

Rewards: After each base is reached in reading minutes, a prize will be given. The Home Run Prize is a free ticket to the Loggers game on May 30th or May 31st (to be determined, based on school). Prior to the game, your child will be recognized on the field with all of the winners!

Additional tickets for Family Members: Families of the winners are able to purchase tickets, allowing them to sit near their kids in the same section. Click the button below for more information on how to buy your tickets and use your child’s voucher for a free ticket.

Contact: Email Ruth at info@lacrosseloggers.com or call (608) 796-9553 for more information or how to bring Logger Dog’s Reading Club to your classroom.

Reading Minutes Verification Form