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Published On: July 29th, 2008

(Mankato, MN) Jason Nell (Iowa Lakes CC) began this season with an even record of 67-67. He was number twelve on the Northwoods League All-Time Regular Season Wins list and sixth on the active list. Nell won his first division title in the first half of the season, and hopes to win his first playoff game, series, and maybe even title at the end of the season, but there was another milestone that had to be reached on Monday night and that was the 100-win plateau.

Nell has led the MoonDogs to a 33-21 record this season, which is tied for the best record in the Northwoods League, and is currently the best record in the North Division. Having won the first-half championship, the MoonDogs are guaranteed a playoff spot, but the team is not giving up and continues to work hard and play hard pushing for home-field advantage throughout the post season.

Nell has also climbed the all-time and active lists this season moving into the third position for active coaches and ninth position in the all-time ranks. Here are the current lists of active and all-time coaching wins:

1) Darryl Handelsman – 300
2) Tom Fleenor – 218
3) Dave Parra – 211
4) Eric Snider – 158
5) CJ Thieleke – 146
6) Dale Varsho – 125
7) Greg Labbe – 114
8) Steve Foster – 103
9) Jason Nell – 100
10) Erik Maas – 99

1) CJ Thieleke – 146
2) Dale Varsho – 125
3) Jason Nell – 100
4) Erik Maas – 99
5) Tony Arnerich – 98