MoonDogs Support Sales Tax Extension

Mankato, MN – Mankato and North Mankato have recently made some great improvements and additions in town to support the expansion of our growing cities. In order to continue this trend and create a better place, we need your help! On the ballot November 8th, there will be an important legislation piece to vote on, the Mankato/North Mankato Sales Tax Extension. To be clear, this is not a new tax, simply an extension of a tax you have been paying this since 1991 in Mankato, and 2008 in North Mankato. This 0.5 percent tax is on top of the regulated state sales tax of 6.875%, and is set to expire in the next few years. This 0.5 percent sales tax has been used to support the Verizon Wireless Center along with other regional projects and is set to expire in the next few years. To further clarify, this would just be an extension of the existing tax through 2038 to fund improvements and more directly impact our local economy.

For the Mankato MoonDogs, this directly impacts Franklin Rogers Park! Our facility falls underneath the umbrella of improving existing facilities, along with many others in the area. Since you have attended a MoonDogs game recently, you are aware there is a need for more bathrooms and handicapped seating throughout the park, better concession stands, and even improved safety for players on the field – due to a lack of a drainage system. In addition to MoonDogs games, our local teams who use the facility as their home field also deserve an improvement. Mankato West High School, Loyola Catholic School, VFW baseball, Legion teams, and many other games played there. Our organization only strives to provide the greatest experience for everyone who attends a MoonDogs game, so we know these basics are a great place to start!

For more general information, and a complete list of what each city can spend the money on, go to the following website and get educated!

By voting ‘yes’ in November to the sales tax extension, we can create a better community and continue “Growing a Greater Mankato!”