Manager: Will Oberg


Will Oberg has been promoted as Manager for the 2024 season. Oberg joined the team in 2023 as a hitting coach and led the team to a record breaking season. During the rest of the year, Oberg will be serving as a GA at UIS under coach Trevor Forde.

Having recently concluded his own successful baseball career at the University of Illinois Springfield (UIS), Oberg is poised to make a significant impact in his coaching role. During his time at UIS, Oberg had the privilege of being a participant on the university’s esteemed baseball team. Under the guidance of Rockford’s Head Coach Vinny Tornincasa, who also served as Oberg’s batting coach. Oberg’s collegiate journey took him to various institutions, including Eastern Michigan University and Heartland Community College. These experiences provided him with a comprehensive perspective on the game, further enhancing his baseball knowledge and prowess.

With a combination of playing experience under skilled coaches and a diverse educational background, Oberg is well-equipped to contribute to the success of the Rockford Rivets. His passion for the sport and commitment to player development make him an invaluable addition to the coaching staff. As the 2024 season begins, the Rockford Rivets eagerly anticipate the positive impact that Will Oberg will have on the team’s performance and the growth of their players as a Manager.