Are concessions available at Rivets Stadium?2023-09-26T19:32:53+00:00

Yes, Rivets Stadium has a full concession stand with a large variety of food and beverage choices. Along with a full bar that offers various beers, wines, and mixed drinks.

How long is the season?2023-09-26T19:31:47+00:00

All teams play a 72-game regular season schedule (36 home/36 away) from late May thru mid-August.

How do we become a Host Family?2023-09-26T19:30:38+00:00

More information on our Host Family Program can be found HERE

Where do players live during the summer?2023-09-26T19:29:27+00:00

Players are placed with “Host Families.” These are families who open their home to our players and have them live with them for the summer.

Where do the players come from?2023-09-26T19:28:12+00:00

Players on this team are from all over the country. They play predominantly Division I college baseball during the school year and then join Collegiate Summer League teams from June through August.

Will some of the Northwoods League/Rockford Rivets players end up in the Major Leagues?2023-09-26T19:27:23+00:00

Yes, more than 100 players with Northwoods League ties get drafted every year in the Major League Baseball Draft. Out of those players, a number of them will work their way onto Major League Clubs.

Why is it called a “Wood Bat League?”2023-09-26T19:26:39+00:00

During the regular school year when the players are on their university teams, they use composite aluminum bats. Wood Bat Leagues allow players who have aspirations to play professional baseball the opportunity to experience playing with wood bats. It also allows scouts from Major League Baseball teams to see how hitters fare with wood bats.

What is the difference between the Northwoods League and other local amateur leagues?2023-09-26T18:01:18+00:00

Teams in the Northwoods League feature the elite college players from around the country. Many of the players in this league have a high chance of being drafted by Major League teams.

Are the Rockford Rivets a minor league team?2023-09-26T18:00:31+00:00

No. The players are not paid. They have amateur status and must have college eligibility to play in the league.

How much does Parking Cost?2023-09-26T17:47:18+00:00

Parking will be $5. The money will be donated to local charities in Rockford.

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