Thank you for helping make Loggers baseball possible this summer

August 27, 2020

Every season, our goal as an organization is to bring safe, affordable, family-friendly entertainment to people throughout the Coulee Region and beyond.

With the 2020 La Crosse Loggers baseball season now behind us, we are proud to say that while it may have looked a little different, we were able to once again achieve that goal.

There was plenty of uncertainty as to whether or not we would ever be able to throw out a first pitch, but thanks to the tireless efforts of our staff and incredible support from our community, we were able to complete a 50-game schedule, including 24 games at Copeland Park, without a single positive Covid-19 case being tied back to our venue.

That number – ZERO – is one that we are incredibly proud of, but here are a few other statistics that we are happy to share:

  • 22,669 fans that came out to our home Loggers games this summer for an average of 945 per night
  • 25,741 temperatures taken, which includes all fans, players, coaches and staff members that entered the ballpark this summer
  • 55 hard-working staff members that help us bring Loggers baseball to life
  • 15 brand-new sanitizer stations installed at the ballpark
  • 24 nights at the Lumberyard that helped all of us feel a sense of normalcy once again

That remarkable feat requires an incredible amount of thank yous.

To the City of La Crosse Parks and Recreation Department, who helped us define (and edit, and edit again) safety protocols that would allow us to safely play baseball;

To our community sponsors, who stood by us and helped provide the financial support that help us keep our doors open;

To our host families, that opened their doors for our players to live in a safe, welcoming environment;

To our players and coaches, that remained diligent towards the common goal of playing baseball at a high level as safely as possible;

And most importantly,

To our Loggers fans, especially our season-ticket holders, who had faith in us to deliver a safe product and abided by our updated rules and regulations for this very unique season;

To all of these groups, we say thank you.

We hope that 2020 is simply an aberration, and that Loggers baseball in 2021 looks more like what it did for the first 17 years of our operation. However, if it doesn’t, we’re confident that we will be able to handle whatever obstacles might come our way.

Once again, thank you for your support, and we look forward to making 2021 our best season yet.



The La Crosse Loggers Baseball Club

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