Flashback Friday Davy Wright – 2010, 2011 Rochester Honker

Davy Wright – Texas Christian University
2010, 2011 Rochester Honkers
Photo of Davy and Wife Emily

What’s your favorite memory while playing for the Rochester Honkers?
DW: It’s tough to pick just one, however beating St. Cloud in 2010 to advance to the league championship is my favorite. It was a close game, but we weren’t ready to go home. I hit a 2-run shot to left center with two outs in the top of the 9th. I know it’s no secret the “Chesta Geese”, can’t stand the Bats, which made the win even sweeter..

What’s your favorite non-playing memory from your time with the Rochester Honkers?
DW: Hands down, blasting U2 with Dan Cansino with the windows down at 3am.. It’s a long story that I’m sure Dan would love to tell. It was my first week in Rochester and while out with the guys, I found myself in a predicament. Somehow, I had missed my ride and was miles from Cansino’s. I hadn’t gotten any of the guys numbers yet, it was like my second day. The only number I had in the state was Dan’s, so regardless of it being 3am, I called him. He answered on the third ring and despite the confusion I’m sure I caused, he was able to track me down. On the way home we sang Sunday Bloody Sunday, by U2, at the tops of our lungs with the windows down. Turned out to be one for the books.

Who was your favorite teammate when you played for the Rochester Honkers and why?
DW: That’s a tough one, but I gotta go with my roomie on the road and workout buddy Deebo Taut.. He would bring his Playstation on the road and we would play MLB The Show. When we were in Rochester, he was my ride to the RAC, the field, and all the good times in between.. He’s a teammate for life.

What has happened to you since you left Rochester and what are you doing now?
DW: Since leaving the Honkers, I’ve graduated from Texas Christian University and finished playing in 2013. Not too long after, I obtained my Real Estate licence and joined Transwestern, a privately held real estate firm specializing in all aspects of commercial real estate, in November 2013. I currently focus on industrial acquisitions and dispositions. I recently married my college sweetheart, whom some of you may have met during my time there. Emily and I got married November 1, 2014 and live in Fort Worth, Texas.

What was your biggest realization while playing for the Rochester Honkers?
I played in the Alaskan league out of high school, Cape Cod my freshman summer, and for the Honkers the following two summers. In my opinion, Rochester embodied the summer ball experience. The weather, the fans, the rivalries.. I was lucky. The two years I was there, our team was a family. It seems crazy to think a group of otherwise random guys from all over the country could become so close, but that’s how it was. We all have Rochester to thank for bringing us together.

Do you stay in contact with former teammates? If so, who?
Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to stay in touch with as many of the guys as I’d like, however, a few of us have stayed in touch. Sometimes we’ll go months without talking, but if there’s one thing about a teammate, you always pick right back up from where you left off.