Honkers in the Pros

As of July 2023

Name Position Year Pro Affiliate Round Level
Aikin, Craig CF 2013 St. Louis 13th HI A
Baker, Tyler C 2013 Arizona 15th HI A
Benjamin, Michael 3B 2012 Colorado 13th AA
Boldt, Ryan OF 2014 Tampa Bay 2nd AAA
Brewster, LJ RHP 2014 Miami 22nd A
Brown, Mitchell RHP 2012 Cleveland 2nd AA
Carico, Michael C 2022 Chicago (N) 5th Rookie
Cole, Zach OF 2021 Houston 10th AA
Cha, Erik LHP 2016 Minnesota 17th HI A
Contreras, Mark OF 2015-16 Minnesota 9th MLB
*Ellis, Drew 3B 2016 Arizona 2nd MLB
Eppler, Tyler RHP 2013 Pittsburgh 6th AAA
Ethier, Andre OF 2002 Oakland 2nd MLB
Fagalde, Alex RHP 2016 St. Louis 30th AAA
Fernandez, Rigo LHP 2018 Chicago (A) 24th A
Fiedler, Matt OF 2015 St. Louis 9th HI A
Fitzpatrick, Ryan 1B 2016-17 Chicago (A) 22nd Rookie
Flynn, Brian LHP 2009-11 Detroit 7th MLB
Fontenelle, Cole 3B 2021 Los Angeles (A) 7th Rookie
Gagnon, Drew RHP 2009 Milwaukee 3rd MLB
Gamboa, Max RHP 2016 Los Angeles (N) 18th AA
Garlick, Kyle OF 2012 Los Angeles (N) 28th MLB
Heineman, Scott OF 2012 Texas 11th MLB
Highberger, Nick RHP 2014 Oakland 30th AA
Horvath, Mac RHP 2021 Baltimore 2nd Rookie
House, Austin RHP 2011 Oakland 14th AAA
Howell, Tanner RHP 2015 Minnesota 35th HI A
Hurlbut, David LHP 2010 Minnesota 28th AAA
Kasser, Kyle SS 2016 Kansas City 30th AAA
Kemp, Tony 2B 2011 Houston 5th MLB
Kent, Matt LHP 2012-14 Boston 13th AAA
Lambert, Chase SS 2016 Pittsburgh 31st HI A
Ledesma, Steve RHP 2016 Detroit 27th Lo A
Mastrobuoni, Miles 2B 2015 Tampa Bay 14th MLB
McCough, Scott RHP 2009 Los Angeles (N) 5th MLB
Miller, Jared LHP 2012 Arizona 11th AAA
Moore, Robert SS 2020 Milwaukee 2nd Hi A
Murphy, Max CF 2013 Minnesota 9th AAA
Navarro Jr, Efren INF 2005-2007 Los Angeles (A) 50th MLB
Noworyta, David C 2017-2018 Detroit 37th Hi A
Ramirez, Nick INF 2009 Milwaukee 4th MLB
Reynolds, Matt LHP 2006 Colorado 20th MLB
Rodriguez, David RHP 2022 Atlanta 15th Rookie
Schuknecht, John OF 2014 Los Angeles (A) 36th A
*Schreiber, Scott OF 2015 Houston 9th AA
Snelton, DJ LHP 2011 San Francisco 9th AAA
Soderman, Ray C 2018 Atlanta 22nd Rookie
Spencer, Hunter LHP 2018 River City IND
Strahm, Ben RHP 2017 Arizona 23rd Rookie
Strahm, Matt LHP 2011 San Diego 21st MLB
Tharp, Tucker OF 2013 New York (N) 30th Hi A
Thomas, Toby SS 2013 Chicago (A) 21st AA
Thoreson, Jack C 2016 New York 26th Low A
Wallach, Chad C 2012 Miami 5th MLB
Walton, Adam SS 2015 Arizona 20th Hi A
Winkler, Dan RHP 2010 Atlanta 43th MLB
Wiper, Cole RHP 2013 Texas 14th AA