YOU Could Win Up to $1,000 CASH This Summer, Thanks to Country Financial-Jill Moosbrugger and Stephen Pascoe Agencies!


The Rochester Honkers and Country Financial-Jill Moosbrugger and Stephen Pascoe Agencies are excited to announce the Dash for Cash Promotion for the 2017 season!  

From Opening Day to the Saturday, July 22nd game, Honkers fans will be encouraged to register for the contest at the Fan Service Center at Mayo Field or at Country Financial (2001 2nd St. SW, Suite 150). One of the lucky fans who submits throughout the year will be invited back to the Sunday, July 30th game to "Dash for Cash" on the field, with the chance to win up to $1,000!  

The contestant stands, with a snow shovel in hand, 45 feet away from a pile of 1,000 $1 bills. They then have 30 seconds to scoop up as much money as possible and drop it in a container at the starting point. All the money in the container after 30 seconds, the contestant gets to keep! 

Fans must be 18 years or older to register, and submissions are limited to one per fan.