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Published On: March 26th, 2020

Hello Honkers fans! Are you tired of being inside trying to find things to do? Slider could use some help figuring out these math problems before season kicks off on May 26th. We would like to introduce our NEW Math in the Ballpark program! We have four worksheets that little Honker Fans are encouraged to complete by May 8th.

Upon completion, they will receive a complimentary ticket to our home game on Tuesday, June 2nd. These worksheets will have different math concepts all with a Honkers touch! During the game, children that participated will be paraded around the field before the game to honor the hard work they did to complete the packet.

Welcome Page

Student First Base Worksheet

Student Second Base

Student Third Base Worksheet

Student Home Run Worksheet

Answer Key First Base

Official Answer Key Second Base

Answer Key Third Base

Answer Key Home Run

How to enter:

Print off packet(s) – answer key and blank packet.

Have your children fill out the packet- be sure they put their name, birth date and school.

Mail or drop off to the Honkers office by May 8th.

Complimentary ticket will be placed in will call under the child name for June 2nd.


Remember Honkers fans, stay safe, enjoy your time, and most importantly have FUN! We look forward to our season kicking off and for our fans to enjoy baseball once again.