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Published On: July 9th, 2023

The Rochester Honkers are saddened to learn about the passing of Umpire, Conor McKenzie.  Conor was killed in a tragic car accident Sunday morning, on his way to work the game between the Wausau Woodchucks and the Madison Mallards. The other two members of the crew were injured in the accident, but are in stable condition in an area hospital. The Wausau-Madison game has been postponed until August 1st.

As a member of the Northwoods League Umpire Crew since 2019, McKenzie had officiated more games than anyone else in league history. The Honkers, along with the rest of the Northwoods League will honor McKenzie on Monday night with a moment of silence prior to their games.
Assistant GM Clint Narramore said of McKenzie, “Conor was a fair umpire on the field, and a better man off the field.  He was very friendly and had no problem explaining his calls to the coaches to give a better understanding of what his view of a play or call was.  It was no coincidence he had the longevity he did, or why he was so very well-liked and respected.  He will really be missed by all of us in Rochester.”
The Honkers, and their fans want to send their condolences to Conor McKenzie’s family and friends, along with the crew that was traveling with him.  The Honkers also want to wish the injured umpires a speedy recovery.