“My summer spent with the Rochester Honkers Baseball Club was filled with rich and valuable experience that I will be able to continue to build on over the course of the next few years, both in school and beyond. As a game operations intern I was able to learn how to manage staff, host large groups, and think through an analytical lens in order to prevent issues with future games/staff. All of the experience I gained however fails to match up the amount of quality relationships I was able to construct over my season with the Honkers. At certain points throughout the summer the amount of hours started to pile up and it became somewhat challenging to remain focused at all times, but without these strong relationships it could’ve been worse. However, the amount of work we put in was well worth it as my confidence in what I am able to do, both from a managerial standpoint and as an employee, has skyrocketed. I will forever be thankful for my summer with this off-field all-star team, and I will always carry with me the lessons I learned from those two locations on East Center Street.”

Sam Hayward
Game Operations, 2017
University of Minnesota


“Being an intern for the Rochester Honkers was nothing short of challenging, but nonetheless rewarding. I was able to experience all of the behind the scenes of operating a baseball team, including concessions, souvenir stands, ticket sales, on-field promotions, and my realm, social media. Interning throughout the summer was tiring, demanding, and everything in between, but gave me invaluable skills that I know have paved my way to new opportunities and will guide me through my career. Most importantly, this internship gave me confidence and reminded me that if you want something, you need to have courage and speak up. I learned that you won’t always get a pat on the back for doing a good job and you have to prove yourself to gain respect and responsibility. And I learned dedication, passion and hard work all pay off in the end. I am grateful for the experience and skills I obtained over the 2017 summer.”

Kali Kispert 
Game Operations / Social Media, 2017
University of Alabama


“My summer internship with the Rochester Honkers prepared me much better for a future career in the sports industry than any time spent in a classroom. My summer with the Honkers gave me hands on experience, and an inside look at all that goes in to a successful organization. It was definitely the hardest I’ve ever worked, often on little sleep, but it was an experience that was worth every minute of my summer. Baseball was not all that I learned about, I learned a lot of life lessons that will help me in all aspects of my life. After completing my internship with the Honkers, I feel that I am able to do anything.”

Adam Berg 
Game Operations, 2016
Bemidji State University


“My summer as the Rochester Honkers On field Game Day Operations Intern was the most unreal, rewarding and hard-working summer I have ever experienced in my 20 years. The hours sometimes got to be incredibly long and exhausting but the experience was so worth it. I met some people that I will continue to keep in touch with for the rest of my life. I learned many valuable things such as teamwork, and how important it is to be an active and thoughtful leader. The knowledge, work ethic, and opportunity I gained through this internship will guide me through the rest of college, my career and my life in general. I am forever thankful for the opportunity I had interning with the Rochester Honkers, but more thankful for the people I met.”

Kali Aldrich
Game Operations / On Field, 2016
St. Mary’s University


“My summer as a Honkers Operations Intern was one of the greatest learning experiences I have ever had. Some days are hard and you are put into stressful situations, but that is how I learned more than I ever will at any other job or internship. I also know now that because I made it all summer, I know I can be confident in any other endeavors I take. The position makes you plan ahead and also think on your feet all the time to give you that “real world” experience. But honestly the main reason I enjoyed this internship so much was because of our crew of interns and the owners. We were all a very close group, and it actually helped push through the long hours and stressful days more than you realize. The owners are the real deal here and they want you to leave a better student than when you came. I will never forget my summer as a Honkers intern.”

Phil Lyrek
Game Operations, 2016
North Dakota


“My summer as the Rochester Ticketing/Game Operations Intern was the most challenging and also the most rewarding summer of my life.  The experience I gained is something that I could not have been matched with any other internship.  I had the opportunity to be involved in many aspects of the organization everything from sales and marketing to event planning and customer relations.  The knowledge and experience I gained has helped me to develop personally and professionally and will be invaluable as I pursue a career I sports.”

Alex Stephens
Game Operations / Ticketing, 2015
St. Johns


“My summer as the Rochester Honkers media intern was without a doubt the most rewarding experience in my lifetime. Although the hours were long, and often filled with stress, I can honestly say that each day I learned more about the “real-world” expectations of this career field than I would have in an entire month in a classroom. The people there, from top to bottom, were great. As a student, I truly felt it was a priority of the owners and returning workers to make sure that the environment was one for learning and self-improvement. From the first day to the last day, I got the impression that they wanted me to leave Rochester as a better and much more prepared individual, both professionally and personally, than when I first arrived. I would not have traded my experience in Rochester this summer for any other internship or job and I will always be grateful for the incredible people I met and had the opportunity to work with/for.“

Alex Berg
Media Relations, 2013
Bemidji State University


“My time spent this summer with the Rochester Honkers Baseball Club as the video director was the most real life experience I could ever ask for.  I was able to improve on my video editing and production skills but also learned what it takes to run a successful organization like the Rochester Honkers.  Not only did the internship give me the opportunity to learn but it also gave me the opportunity to grow as a person.   I could not have asked to work for or with better people.  I truly believe that I am a part of the Honker family”

Nick Collenburg
Video Broadcasting, 2012
UW-Stevens Point