Published On: June 7th, 2023

By Brooke Bunjes

Battle Creek, MI – During last night’s game, the Rivets won 4-3 against the Battle Creek Battle Jacks. This extends the game-winning streak to five with an exciting last inning.

During the bottom of the third inning, the Rivets had 2 outs when Matthew Mebane was up to bat. His single hit put us on the board bringing home Braden Duhon. In the fifth inning, the Battlejacks switched pitchers bringing in Nick George. Braden Duhon was able to get a single hit off of him advancing to 1st base. Jack Scheri got a walk and would then put him on 1st for him to score while Khalil Walker was up to bat next. 

The 6th inning was an exciting one for the Rivets while Aaron Harper hit a double to advance to 2nd base. Bradley Wilson hit a single next bringing home Aaron for a 3-1 score. With another switched pitcher, the Battlejacks bringing in Avery Mosseau, Rockford Rivet Braden Duhon scored by a single hit from Matthew Mebane. The Battlejacks put up a fight scoring 2 runs in the bottom of the 9th but came up short with the final score being 4-3. 

The Rockford Rivets will be playing the Kalamazoo Growlers tonight at 6:35 pm ET.


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