Published On: August 6th, 2023

Rockford, IL – [8/6/2023] – The Rockford Rivets achieved an extraordinary milestone last night, setting a new franchise record with an impressive 40 wins in a singular season. This momentous victory not only highlights the team’s exceptional performance on the field but also reflects the dedication and leadership of Head Coach Vince Tornincasa.

Under Coach Tornincasa’s guidance, the Rockford Rivets have demonstrated a remarkable level of commitment and determination throughout the season. His leadership, passion, and strategic acumen have played an integral role in leading the team to this historic achievement.

The Rockford Rivets organization extends its heartfelt gratitude to Coach Tornincasa for his unwavering commitment and dedication to the team’s success. His leadership has not only contributed to the franchise’s growth but has also inspired players and fans alike.

“We are grateful for Coach Tornincasa’s passion and courage in leading the Rivets,” added GM Steve Malliet. “His dedication to the team’s development has been an invaluable asset, and we look forward to continuing this journey of excellence together.”

As the Rockford Rivets celebrate this historic achievement, they remain focused on their commitment to delivering outstanding performances on the field and fostering a strong sense of community engagement. The team is still chasing a playoff bid, so make sure to come out to Rivets Stadium to cheer them on!

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