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Published On: February 6th, 2011







1. What is the last thing you searched on youtube?

The last thing I was searching was videos of Austin Rivers, son of Doc Rivers... Austin is the top basketball recruit in the country for next
year.. the kid is unreal good.. 

Who was your role model growing up? 

My role model was of course my Dad, but as a sports figure Derek Jeter,
he plays the game so smooth and plays like your ideal baseball.

 3. Where would you like to visit the most?














I would like to visit Yankee Stadium, its the most historic baseball place on earth.. nothing compares.








4. What is your favorite restaurant to eat at? 

My favorite is Happy Joes Pizza, its mostly around the quad cities.. there Taco Pizza is the best thing ive had. 

5. What is your favorite color? 

Red is my favorite color… although I play at Illinois, I grew up being an Indiana basketball fan and always will be. Check back every Monday for another Monday Musings.